11 Aug

The FDA and August 8th

​Okay, here’s the deal: As of Monday, NO new products may be introduced into the vaping market and NOTHING can be sold unless you can prove that you sold it prior to Monday.  In addition, it is now ILLEGAL for vape shop employees to touch any of your stuff once it’s out of the packaging, which means no setting up starter kits for newbies or fixing broken mods.  It is now ILLEGAL for an employee to speak about the fact that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, and that every study NOT funded by Big Tobacco has shown that there are NO cancer causing agents in vaping products, and while there are over two thousand chemicals in ONE cigarette, there are at most 5 in eliquid, and NONE of them produce carcinogens until heated far in excess of what anyone would ever heat theirs to (to get it hot enough to produce a chemical reaction to create things like formaldehyde you’d have to get it hot enough to scorch your mouth).

And because of the new regulations that went into effect Monday, in two years time there will be a total prohibition on ANYTHING sold prior to 2007 (which is about 99% of everything on the market) without a multimillion dollar application process for EACH individual product. These regulations will literally kill an industry still in is infancy, an industry that’s SAVING LIVES, including my own.  I was a two pack a day smoker for nearly 20 years and I haven’t smoked in two years now because of vaping.  I was on a one way track to lung cancer, heart disease and emphysema. 

The FDA is hiding behind false surveys and nonsense studies to make these regulations sound like they’re saving lives when really it’s the FDA buckling to pressure from Tobacco lobbyists.  If you don’t care about the fact that vaping saves lives, then at least show your outrage that this country is being controlled by big corporations.

Click the link below and DO something about it.  If you’ve lost anyone to cancer, then you know what it feels like…. You have a chance to reduce the amount of people dying from it RIGHT NOW. If you give a damn about this country, you have a chance to actually do something about it RIGHT NOW.  


Click me to SAVE LIVES

08 Aug

Carnage by ANML

It’s a surprisingly sweet and complex vape… After I was able to change out the cotton and wash out my flavot rig to really give this a good try, I was pretty impressed.

See, usually when I see a $20+ price tag on a 30ml bottle, I pass.  This time, I didn’t.

After priming my cotton and having a vape, I could immediately taste the very distinct cherry flavor of red rope licorice.  It’s not Twizzlers like some people told me it would be (and believe me, there is a difference and it matters.) but it’s still a very good flavor nonetheless.

One thing I noticed is that it has a very ‘premium’ feel to the bottle, with a sort of frosted bit on the threading of the bottle which I really liked.  Honestly, it’s not that this is a bad juice, quite the contrary it’s pretty good, it’s just… unremarkable.  I guess I expected more from a $22 bottle of juice. If it were $12.99, I’d vape it all the time to keep from getting burnt out on The Hatch by Last Stand, but for $22 I think I’ll find another red rope-alike.

Gunk? None.  Throat hit?  Pleasant and present.

Overall, a solid 8/10 though.  It’s just not my cup of tea.